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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 3, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 4:30 a.m. on this >> we are tracking the effect of a cold snap on our area. right now crews in montgomery county are still trying to repair a 30-inch water main break. >> heating repair companies are dealing with a skyrocketing amount of calls. >> parts of the south are bracing for a winter storm that will then head our way. >> some places already under a winter storm watch. let's turn to karen rogers and dave murphy for more on that. good morning. >> let's get you right to the weather center. this morning we have issues out there and more issues coming later tonight. there's a winter storm watch in effect in all those counties you see highlighted
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in pink right now and they are basically the coastal counties. farther inland, though, some of these lightly shaded blue counties are also in an advisory. that would include burlington county and areas right up to the delaware river in south jersey also central delaware. so, later this evening in through thursday we're looking at the potential of snow that could pile up enough to give you real travel problems. in closer to philadelphia we're also looking at slippery conditions potentially for the morning commute. ahead of all of this you see plenty of sunshine. cloud cover will be digging in a little bit later on especially from the south. you can see it sort of riding up through the carolinas right now and that's because of that approaching coastal low pressure center. the nor'easter that will be on the way later tonight and in through early tomorrow. 18 degrees currently in philadelphia. not quite as raw as it's been the last couple of days. 10 degrees right now in allentown, though and a real cutoff with colder air still hanging on in reading. 5 degrees there and as we take a look at the current wind chills, winds not super strong this morning but enough to
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give you a wind chill value of just five in philadelphia, five in reading, and 12 degrees in wilmington. so, not too breezy out there but a little bit on the cold side. and the wind chill still a bit of a factor. by 8 o'clock we'll still be at just 15 degrees but we are going to get better in the afternoon. we'll we'll get up to about 30 or 31 for a high around 3 o'clock. clouds will increase and then of course we're on the lookout for snow. now, it looks like this is going to hold off until later in the nighttime period before it gets here. probably about midnight. and then by 4:00 in the morning it is pushing closer to philadelphia and the model is having a little bit of a disagreement as to how far west it goes. some are pushing it back to reading and allentown but the bulk looks like it's going to be in the shore and advisory watch communities. karen when i come back we'll talk more about projected snowfall totals we'll show you variety on the models and strong winds with the storm down the shore. >> cold and snowy, then even colder. got it. all right, let's look outside
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live here. we're in cherry hill in camden county right on route 70. this is east of kings highway here. we've got a water main break blocking the left lane. watch out here for ice on the road. not seeing a delay but we do see crews out here, left lane being blocked yet another water main break and of course with these temperatures, it's quickly icy there wherever you have a water main break. another water main break here in cheltenham. this is cheltenham avenue at old soldier's road. crews are on the scene here. ryers avenue get i was round this one. balligomingo road near front street blocked at this point from yesterday's water main break still causing issues and the road is starting to buckle in this area as well so you have a couple problems. stick to 320 or matsonford road instead we're dry through the area where you're not having a water main break. boulevard extension southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. lights are out between a fox
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and ridge. watch for that. >> thanks karen. frozen weather has been rupturing water mains. crews in montgomery county are trying to repair a 30-inch main that broke about 24 hours ago causing a road to buckle and a power line to come down. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in west conshohocken with an update on repairs. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, they've been working since yesterday through the night. now, into the morning. this is a layered problem. we're talking downed power lines, the road buckling and a huge water main, but they're telling us they are making progress. nearly 24 hours after a major water main break, crews are still working here in west conshohocken off of balligomingo road. the massive 30-inch main burst yesterday morning causing the road to buckle and power lines to come down. the summer wood corporation buildings suffered flooding damage once the water came
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gushing down here. >> going to run off the generator and they're going to have to work around the clock to get it fixed. if homes weren't flooded they most likely saw loss of power and water service. about 1,000 customers saw their service interrupted just after the main ruptured. >> we don't have children, young children in the house but i can't imagine if, you know -- for parents who do, i can't imagine the hardship. this is crazy. >> reporter: and about 50 customers at this hour are without water service here in west conshohocken and upper merion. hundreds of other homes might notice a difference in water pressure and discolored water but it is safe to drink. you will be coming up on 24 hours in about an hour. we'll check in and let you know how they're doing at that time. reporting live in west conshohocken, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> jeanette thank you. a similar scene on longshore avenue near oxford avenue in the city's lawndale section. an 8-inch main was flooding the sidewalk but it was not impacting traffic. and at least two area schools
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were closed due to the weather related problems. gunning bedford middle school in new castle delaware is closed due to a broken heating system. and chester high school will be closed again today due to building maintenance issues. but teachers there are still expected to report to the school. >> local hvac companies are working overtime making repairs to customers who do not have any heat right now. bill and his family returned home to horsham on new year's day to discover their furnace was were broken. they have since been heating their home by a wood burning fireplace and an electric radiator. repairman nelson vega says age, wear and tear an the prolonged frigid temperatures can cause an hvac system to break down. >> these things are working maybe twice as hard, maybe three times as hard when you have a 50-degree temperature swing. >> vega says his service calls have more than tripled in recent days. >> southeastern states are also getting ready for the nor'easter that's also heading our way.
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schools in tallahassee florida are closed today and southern georgia is concerned ice will make the roads hazardous for the morning commute. kendis gibson has the latest. >> reporter: a monster winter storm taking aim at the entire east coast. >> this is not something that we experience on a regular basis. >> reporter: this morning parts of florida under a rare winter storm warning. schools closing today in tallahassee including florida state university and in jacksonville the airport canceling flights the city's mayor with this warning. >> these are conditions that we're not accustomed to here in jacksonville and we're encouraging people to stay off the roads specifically in those drive timessism to the north in georgia a state of emergency. areas of that state could see snow for the first time in a century. the storm is expected to hug the coastline dumping snow from the carolinas to maine. it comes as a blast of arctic air shatters record lows across the country. >> i can't even describe it. it's unbearable.
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>> i'm like two hats, two pairs of gloves. i don't know. >> reporter: wind chills 50 below zero in north dakota and minnesota. in chicago crews lighting fires to keep rail switches from freezing. and overnight in brooklyn, firefighters battling this massive apartment fire in 18-degree weather. three firefighters suffering serious injuries and in western new york state, a whiteout causing havoc on the roads. a stretch of interstate 90 near buffalo shutting down after this chain reaction crash involving more than 20 vehicles. kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> the "action news" morning team will be monitoring the approaching nor'easter throughout the day and tomorrow as it sideswipes our area. we'll be on the air a half hour earlier tomorrow morning. bring you live reports and updates on the winter storm. >> $440 million will be up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing as well. no one matched all six numbers in last night's mega millions
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drawing. that means the jackpot has gone up to an estimated $418 million. the numbers are one, 42, 47, 64, 70 and the mega ball was 22. the next mega millions drawing is friday night. catch the winning numbers tonight at 11:00. >> members return today for the 2018 session. >> that man who spent years in captivity in afghanistan with his wife and children he's now facing sexual assault charges at home. >> a three alarm blaze injures new york city firefighters. the new videos coming up. david. >> pretty cold out there right now but the wind chills aren't so bad and things are going to moderate this afternoon ahead of tonight's snow. so, if you want to get outside, get things done, this afternoon is the time to do it. much more information on the coming nor'easter just ahead. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look from sky6, the view over phl. if you're on your way to i don't know, puerta vallarta caribbean, california anywhere warm we are very jealous right now. it is 4:42 and a toasty 18 degrees out there. >> some variabling still with the storm. >> there almost always are with these nor'easters, they're tough but it does look like we're going get a cutoff where some people don't get much at all and others do worse. storm tracker6 live right now showing us that we're dry and taking a look outside we do have sky6 and probably see a fair amount of sunshine this morning with cold conditions and then we'll mild up a little bit later this afternoon. however, clouds increase ahead of that approaching storm. 18 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. the winds are northwest at 12 miles per hour and that's enough to give you a wind chill of five. we've been talking about wind chills of zero or below a lot
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over the last couple of days, though, so all things considered, a bit of an improvement. still want to bundle up this morning, though. the current temperature in allentown is 10. 14 in trenton, 12 in wilmington. and 25 degrees down in cape may. and wind chills making it feel a little bit worse. today's forecast, well, as i mentioned, we'll start out with sun and then see the clouds increase and it does get better today in terms of the temperature. by noon, we're up to 26. but by 3 o'clock, all the way up to 31 so again, if you want to get things done, this afternoon is the time to do just that. high temperatures today all improved across the region. not as harsh out there. 28 in allentown, 29 in reading. 31 in wilmington, 28 in trenton. 32 in millville and a bit above the freezing mark down the shore today. not as harsh. in terms of the snow, it looks like it's going to be delayed in terms of its arrival. most models holding this off until about 11 o'clock, maybe midnight tonight down the shore and then there's a wide range of disparity as to how close to the coast this storm arrives. and how far west the snow pushes. this current future tracker
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six model does have some of this going out into the northern and western suburbs but then pretty much moving the snow out pretty quickly. i also want to show you the euro because this one has a little bit of a different take. between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. you can see how the snow does fill in better out toward the west and pushes farther to the west by 9 o'clock before, again, pushing off during the early to midafternoon hours so there's a disparity out there in the models and as you'd expect that means the numbers are coming in a little bit different, too. this 12-inch of snow in philadelphia, we really think is an outliar. the storm would have to come in very close to the coast in order for in to happen. most models don't believe it and we're really thinking this one to three range that you see on the euro and gfs is more likely in philadelphia. so we're going with this kind of idea for a most likely scenario. this will be overnight tonight into thursday. out in the northern and western suburbs probably only a coating to an inch. we might even see that drop down here to the west as well. the rest of us see about one to 3 inches in the center portion of the region but
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again, down the shore, three to 6 inches would be possible. of course it's all about location. there's going to be a sharp cutoff to the west with this storm where totals in some areas may be nothing, maybe just a dusting and then up to 6-inches or perhaps a little more over by the shore. do keep in mind that with any nor'easter a slight shift in the track can lead to very big changes. down the shore the heaviest snow is expected to arrive, three to 6 inches probable. significant travel delays. wind gusts will be an issue blowing and drifting snow as well amount real quick look here at the atlantic city models. again, i think this is an outliar but it kind of reminds you of what can happen with these nor'easters and what has happened in the past but that we really think is a an outliar, two to four up to six is more like what you can expect. always fun to look at those outlying models. not as harsh today, 31 trees your degrees your high. thursday 29 degrees, that snow
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should taper offer as off as the day goes basket bitter cold friday and saturday, highs of just 17 degrees on friday, 15-degree high on saturday. overnight lows down in the mid single digits, close to records in some cases and then finally sunday back to 24. how do you like 40 for monday and 42 for tuesday? >> sounds great. >> could be a little mixed precipitation late monday into tuesday morning but don't look bad with those numbers. >> things are looking up david. >> yeah. >> thank you. this is new video -- >> a soldier from new jersey has been killed in afghanistan. and actually we will tell you more about that later but we also want to tell you about exhostage joshua boyle who is facing 15 charges including sexual assault forcible confinement and administering a noxious drug. the canadian his american wife 13 children were freed in october in pakistan. five years after the couple was abducted by a taliban linked militant group. the alleged offenses took place after the family came home to canada. court records show that there are two victims but authorities are not releasing
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identities. a hearing in the case is scheduled for today. >> los angeles prosecutors say they are reviewing two cases brought to them by beverly hills police against disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. a spokesperson for the district attorney says they received the cases last month but declined to provide further details. police in the city of los angeles, new york and london are also investigating accusations against him. representatives for weinstein have denied all claims of nonconsentual sex. >> 4:47. up next ups explains why they expect to handle a record number of packages today. >> and the family was finally able to have their christmas celebration because a thief had a change of heart. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everybody, let's check the traffic for you. right now we're starting with this problem in cherry hill and the action cam on the scene right now. yet another water main break. this is our latest one here. it's right on route 70 east of kings highway. later on this will be a busy area. it's quiet right now. no delays. we see the flashing lights. they're out here blocking the left lane. when you have water in these temperatures that we're seeing, subfreezing for sure, you're going to have ice right away so that's an issue out here. watch out for the ice. action cam heading to the scene in area in cherry hill. that water main break. a couple other ones woodland
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avenue at old soldier's road. another at can coventry avenue in cheltenham. with another arctic blast coming friday and saturday these water main breaks aren't going away. another one at balligomingo road. we talked about this yesterday afternoon. it was a big deal and continues to be a problem and now the road buckling in this area so they'll have to deal with in. stick to 66th avenue or church street instead. west conshohocken looking live -- actually this is 676 at broad street here. the vine street expressway. we had a bag of trash, i can kind of see it off to the side right there, it was causing a little bit of an issue. it's a trashy traffic report matt. i know you like it like that. >> wasn't there trash on the road the other day. >> there's a little trash in the city of philadelphia and i report on it. >> so kind. ups expects to handle 1.4 million returns today on what it calls national returns day. it's kind of a new thing. it would be the shipper's fifth consecutive record for
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returns. a ups official says the day after christmas used to be reserved for long return lines at the stores, you know, the big box ones. online shopping has changed how and when people return gifts. stocks index -- the stock indices closed higher on the first day of trading in 2018 led by gains in big technology and retail companies. futures reporting to sizable gains at the opening bell. nearly half of renters can't afford their rent. a recent harvard report shows almost 21 million people are burdened by their rent. call your cable company to see if you can negotiate a lower rate or cut the cord and buy an antenna for local broadcasts. yeah, you can watch 6abc for free with an antenna or switch to a streaming service, consider getting a roommate and if you're a good renter haggle with your landlord when it comes time to review. >> a family in southern california can finally open the christmas gifts they almost didn't receive.
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surveillance cameras at the family home caught a woman stealing packages from their doorstep. they filed a police report but expected to never see the gifts again. but then they got a surprise on new year's day. >> mom, we got a package. and i said, well, that's odd. it's new year's day. nobody delivers packages on new year's. >> another look at the surveillance camera shows the thief returning the gifts. the family says they were overwhelmed with gratitude. >> all's well that ends well. 4:53. new this morning gunfire in the lehigh valley leaves two people dead. the story is next. >> president trump threatens north korea with nuclear war. coming up at 5:00 a.m. we have more on the president's tweet also an announcement overnight from north korea. >> ♪
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>> new this morning a quiet lehigh valley community was rocked by deadly gunfire. two people are reported dead on the 300 block of west 27th street in the borough of northampton. officers responded to the scene at 9:30 last night. investigators were focused on a possible victim in the front yard of a home overnight. they are not releasing any detay say there is no threat to the public. new video here showing intense flames shooting from a residential building in brooklyn, new york. this three-alarm fire quickly spread to two neighboring buildings last night. three firefighters suffered minor injuries when a staircase inside the first building gave way. everyone inside was safely
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evacuated. >> happening today, congress begins its 2018 session with the swearing in of two new senators. alabama's doug jones narrowly up ended roy moore in a special election. tina smith will now replace democrat al franken who resigned after a succession of sexual harassment accusations. >> 4:57. people in a montgomery county neighborhood have been without water for nearly 24 hours because of a broken water main. >> new overnight a police officer with the philadelphia housing authority is involved in a multi vehicle crash that sends two drivers to the hospital. >> we now know what sparked a terrifying fireworks display that sent hundreds of them shooting into into a strip mall parking lot. >> ♪ cancer is smart. it pushes us. we push back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hello and good morning everyone its 5 o'clock on this wednesday january 3rd and here's what we're following for you on "action news". >> a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. accuweather is tracking how much snow it could bring to the region. >> the frigid temperatures keep causing water mains to break across the area leaving some neighborhoods without water pressure. >> and new this morning, two drivers are injured in a crash including a housing authority police officer. >> the cold, the coastal storm, we have it all with david and karen. >> and getting even colder. there's a lot going on in the forecast. >> well, let's talk about today first of all. heading into this nor'easter as you take a look at the weather center we're not looking too bad. we've got a lot of sunshine on the way early. however, later on in the evening hours a


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